Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Reflection about this course s

Officially ended this semester! Hooray!!! However final is coming so soon. :(
Well, i like this course a lot. Why? 
This is because of having a great lecturer, Dr. Chin. She is a very friendly person and I feel no stress when attending her class. We understand every single things she taught us. She is willing to teach again if we do not understand and give comments on any assignments so that we could improve our works. Besides, she always give positive reinforcement to us. The tools she taught us before are useful for our learning and teaching. For example, Camtasia Studio and Glogster. Thank you very much Dr. Chin. We are glad to have you as our lecturer. Thanks again and take care. :)

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Reflection week 13

This will be the last reflection. We have done our presentation for this week. Finally we have finished all the slides that we planned to do. We have total 13 slides in Glogster. Below is the some of our hard works!

Online Games


Story Telling

Lesson Plan

Games can be play in Classroom

We learn something from our friend's presentation too. Some are just so cool with the rocks music and some more show their slides in very details and neat. We know how to make our slides to be more attractive as well. Means that more CUTE pictures will be added to attract the attention of students. We will try to improve our glogster to make it perfectly and well done to all course mates too for making their glogsters so awesome! Next task is to FIGHT for finals! Good luck guys! 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Reflection week 11

Today DR let us to do our assignment in class. We just continue to do the parts we not yet done. Everything is almost finish. Yeah. :P
We are addicted to use Glogster because of it's cuteness. HAHAHA. 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Reflection week 10

Today we are given time to do our assignment in the class. Dr explained and showed us whatever we do not understand. My group have choose Animals as our topic in this and so we are busy searching for pictures, songs, videos, worksheets, games, lesson plan and so on. After that we just post everything on the Glogster. :)
Besides that, we need to do presentation on the last week before the study break which is less than one month. *Nervous*

Reflection week 9

That week we learned something NEW and CUTE. It was Glogster.

So, what is Glogster edu? 
Glogster edu is the leading global education platform for the creative expression of knowledge and skills in the classrooms and beyong. They empower educators and students with the technology to create GLOGS - online multimedia posters with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more.

Let's see how interesting Glogster is. 

Benefits of using this are
(a) Expand Digital Literacy
(b) Enable Standards Mastery
(c) Promote independent Problem Solving
(d) Demonstrate Understanding of Curriculum Objectives
(e) Enhance Formative and Summative Assessment

We are required to do our assignment 2 by using Glogster too. I am pretty sure that it would be very fun!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Reflection for week 8

The classes on week 6 & 7 have been cancelled so i will just move on to week 8.
This week we learn about  Learning Theories  in Teaching & Learning.

(a) Behaviorist theory : B.F Skinner
B.F. Skinner

Skinner's operant conditioning concepts built on the classical conditioning concepts of Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov. He said that since learning process occur inside the mind and we cannot see them directly, learning can only be inferred by observing behaviors. The stimulus response connections shape behavior. Reinforcements have negative and positive. Positive reinforcement such as give them rewards, praise the students could strengthen the responses. Skinner used reinforcement principles to develop programmed learning techniques for training and instruction. As teachers, they must give instructions clearly which provide the right stimuli and reinforcement to achieve desired learned responses from the students. And for now in the technology implications, computer programs can provide consistent, reliable stimuli and reinforcement on an individual basis.
Today, many classroom management techniques are based on behavior modification principles derived from Skinner's reinforcement principles. Means that teacher should use more positive reinforcement to motivate students in their academics and attitudes.

(b) Information Processing Theory : Atkinson and Shiffrin
This theory is about learning is encoding information into memory. Encoding begin with attention. Application ensures transfer into memory. Practice reinforces retention and aids recall. 
Sensory registers----> Short term memory ----> Long term memory

(c) Child Development Theory (Constructivist theory)
 : Jean Piaget
Jean Piaget

In his theory, learning is cognitive growth through neurological and social maturation. Children go through stages of cognitive development by interacting with their environment. When they confront unknowns, they experience disequilibrium, they respond with assimilation(fitting it into their views) or accommodation (changing their views). Learning abilities differ at each developmental stage. Children progress through the stages through exploration of their environment. In educational implication, instruction must be matched to students' developmental stage and provide opportunities for exploration. Technology can supply 'electronic manipulatives' that support exploration activities for various stages of development.

(d) Social Learning Theory : John Dewey
Learning requires social interaction among students on problems and issues of direct concern to them. They learn through social experiences. Growth is fostered through hands-on activities connected to the real world issues and problems. Instruction should stress collaborative activities and real-world connections. Technology supports opportunities for collaboration, visual presentations help students connect abstract concepts with real world application.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Reflection for week 5

Due to class cancelled on week 4, so i will just move to week 5. So week 5 basically is about our presentation for assignment 1. Well, we are told to do 5 educational websites for children and list down their pros and cons. While listening to my friends' presentation, i learn a lot from them. This is because most of the websites are different and I can know about the advantages/disadvantages. All the websites are totally amazing. Some really have attracted me to play non stop either and i did have the urge to 'explore & understand" more on the websites.
Okay, let us have a look on the websites I have found. There are six of them : Mother Goose Club,
Fun School, Learning Planet, Starfall, KBears and NickJr.

Mother Goose Club - Rhymes and Songs

Fun School

Learning Planet - Can choose grade and teacher can create quiz

Starfall - One of the top website. It has many activities for children and more to reading

KBears - More to Bio stuff & difficult for children below 7 to understand

NickJr - I like this the most because it's really so adorable and fun to play

In a nutshell, all the websites we have found did have pros and cons. It depends on us how to use it and the way we presented in the class. The end for today. :)